The Gondoliers 2004

The Gondoliers 2004 - Sarah Todd The Gondoliers 2004 The Gondoliers 2004 The Gondoliers 2004 The Gondoliers 2004

The Gondoliers is probably Gilbert and Sullivan's happiest operetta. Set in sunny Italy, it tells of two hapless gondoliers, Marco and Giuseppe, who obtain wives from amongst the town girls who adore them by the simple plan of having a game of blind man's buff.  Happily married thereafter to the quick Tessa and the devoted Gianetta, their joy is soon blighted by the arrival of the cowardly Duke of Plaza Toro (with daughter Casilda and the terrifying Duchess in tow). Although desperately in love with one of her father's servants, Casilda was married in infancy to the infant King of Barataria, who was then entrusted (for the sake of his own safety) to a Gondolier, to bring up as his own son. Naturally, both Marco and Giuseppe are delighted at the thought of becoming royalty (even if it is slightly out of kilter with their republican tendencies), but they are less than delighted at the prospect of having to give up their wives. All will not be well until the boys' nurse is found to identify the true king and unravel the mystery of his disappearance........

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