Pirates of Penzance 2006

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Frederick, having been brought up by a crew of pirates, celebrates his twenty first birthday when he plans to return to a respectable life. The pirates are disappointed but the pirate king lets him go, insisting that he takes his nursemaid with him. Frederick has never seen another woman and agrees to marry her. He spurns her when he sees younger, prettier women on the beach. He proposes to all of them but only Mabel accepts. The rest of the pirates capture the young ladies in order to marry them forcibly. Their father, the Major-General, arrives and pleading that he is an orphan, persuades the pirates to release the girls.
The Major-General is wracked with guilt about his lie and his daughters try to comfort him. Frederick has summoned the constabulary to arrest the pirates. Ruth and the Pirate King reveal that Frederick was born in a leap year and is therefore not 21 for another 40 years. He is still contractually obliged to remain with the pirates. He tells them of the Major-General's deception and they plan to attack in retaliation that night. The policemen are ready for them. They fight and the pirates win but yield when reminded of their loyalty to Queen Victoria. Mabel and Frederick are married.

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