Kiss Me Kate 2005

Kiss Me Kate 2005 Kiss Me Kate 2005 Kiss Me Kate 2005

This is a play within a play. A musical version of "The Taming of the Shrew" stars Fred as Petruchio and his ex-wife Lili as Kate. They are both now involved with other people, Fred with nightclub dancer Lois and Lili with politician Harrison Howell. Lois has brought along her boyfriend, compulsive gambler, Bill, who has signed a gambling debt in Fred's name. Lili and Fred bicker but soon remember happier times and when Lili receives a bouquet she believes it to be from Fred. So it is but it was intended for Lois. Two villains turn up to collect the gambling debt. Lili realises that the bouquet was meant for Lois and becomes violent on stage, walking out on the show halfway through. The two thugs force her to continue at gunpoint so that there will be enough money to pay the debt. When news comes that their gang leader has been replaced the gunmen become friendly fans of the theatre. Lili surprises Fred by returning to finish the show with him and they all live happily ever after.

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