Hello Dolly 2007

Hello Dolly Hello Dolly Hello Dolly Hello Dolly

Dolly, a widow and professional matchmaker, has set her sights on Horace Vandergelder, a tight-fisted Yonkers merchant. She has arranged for him to meet Irene Molloy, a milliner but secretly sends Vandergelder's clerks, Barnaby and Cornelius to the shop first where they meet and fall in love with Irene and her assistant, Minnie. Dolly arranges dinner for all at the Harmonia Gardens, pairing Horace up with the repulsive Ernestina Money who deliberately embarrasses him. When Dolly arrives she is greeted rapturously. All ends happily when Vandergelder accepts that Dolly is the woman for him, allows his ward, Ermengarde to marry Ambrose, a penniless student and the clerks marry the milliners.

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